Newsletter January, 2000


Another Year Is Dawning 
Frances Ridley Havergal, 1836-1879


"Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom." (Psalm 90:12)

It is always challenging to approach a new year and to realize anew that our days upon this earth are so rapidly passing. How important it is that we pause with the psalmist and pray for a "heart of wisdom" that will enable us this year to live each new day in a way that brings all glory to our God.


Another year is dawning: 
Dear Father, let it be, 
In working or in waiting, 
Another year with Thee; 
Another year of progress, 
Another year of proving 
Thy presence all the days.

Another year of mercies, 
Of faithfulness and grace; 
Another year of gladness 
In the shining of Thy face; 
Another year of leaning 
Upon Thy loving breast; 
Another year of trusting, 
Of quiet, happy rest.

Another year of service, 
Of witness for Thy love; 
Another year of training 
For holier work above. 
Another year is dawning: 
Dear Father, let it be, 
On earth or else in heaven, 
Another year for Thee.


Who is Jesus?

Who is Jesus? If you have not already received Him as your true Savior, you may perhaps believe that He was either an imposter or mad man, or perhaps He was just the world's greatest fabrication by His disciples.

Imposter? Was He merely wanting to gain some followers? If indeed that was his motive; he had failed miserably in acquiring for Himself either authority or financial gain. He was unpopular and was a turn off to many due to His high standards and his unwillingness to compromise with hypocrites and those who waver in their belief. Never had he cheated anyone of anything. All these are proof that He could not be an imposter.

Mad Man? A deceiver of Himself and others? His sincere appearance was actually only a cover-up? His speech and action did not indicate that He was emotionally unstable in any way. Such speculations cannot explain the miracles performed by Him; neither can they explain the depth and wisdom of His teachings. Furthermore, they do not explain His resurrection.

Fabrication? Would not His disciples feel guilty of fabricating a Jesus much greater than who He was in real life? It is hard to believe that all His disciples conspired to lie to the rest of the world. Would you die for something which you knew was a lie? Of course not! The disciples were no different; yet most of them became martyrs to their faith.

Truth? We have reason to believe what the Scripture says about Jesus is true. The fulfillment of all prophecies proved that He was what He proclaimed Himself to be-----The Son of God.

Have you already believed the Jesus who died for you and who had forgiven your sins? Jesus said: "I am the way and the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father except through me."


How Blessed I was!

The most blessed event in my life was that the Lord had chosen me to receive His salvation through spiritual rebirth. When I was just a child, I used to go with my friends to a small church in our neighborhood to play hide and seek. At that time I knew what a church was and had heard a little about Jesus. But I was not sure who Jesus was and what the church was all about. Later on when I grew up and rode the bus to work, I would pass by a famous street in Canton named "Stone House". It was so named because there on this street was an old and beautiful church with steeples which was built with big pieces of stones. Every time I passed by I would stare at it until it got out of my sight and wonder if I would ever have the opportunity to go inside. I, however, never had.

God loves the world. Towards the end of 1989, God led me to meet my husband. Nine months later, I came to America. After a couple of weeks in America, my husband brought me to the Orlando Chinese Church. Having been to the meetings and listening to the sermons for a while, I began to understand that the church is the house of God and Jesus is the Son of God and our Savior. During one church picnic, a brother prayed for me and I was very much moved. Three months later I was baptized into His name. It was just as God said: "You did not choose me, but I chose you…"(Jn 15:16) Yes, God had brought a sinner such as I from China so that I could come to know Him and be born again. If it were not because of His grace and mercy, I would still be a wanderer and would never know His kindness and salvation.

Thinking back, I could see how God cared for me. Whenever I had troubles, He took care of me; whenever I faced dangers, He brought me peace. I remembered one time when I was in China on a business trip near the border of Canton and Hunan provinces. We had to travel for over ten hours on narrow and winding hillside roads to get there. After we took care of business and were ready to return, the driver informed us that the next day he would try to make it back in one day. When I heard that I was worried and could not fall to sleep that night. I could only pray for God's protection that we could safely make through the dangerous hillside roads before dark. At that time I just knew that there was a God whom I could turn to for helps. The next day the driver drove very fast since he was in a hurry. At about six o'clock in the afternoon, not long before we were to leave the hillside roads we ran into a big thunder storm. All of a sudden the car lost control like an unbridled horse which had run wild. In the midst of our panic the driver shouted, "Sit tight!" I began to pray, "O God! Save us from this danger!" The car was out of control for what seemed like a long time. The driver finally gained control of the car and the rain also stopped. Thank God that when the car was out of control, it did not fall off the cliff or collide with an oncoming car. Otherwise, the results would have been unthinkable. Due to God's protection, we escaped danger and were safely home.

Another time was in 1995 when I suddenly had a serious hemorrhage. The doctor told me if I were to have arrived at the hospital an hour late, there would be no telling what the result could have been. By His abundant grace God brought me through the valley of death. When I was at the verge of death He gave me a new life. The love I experienced from God was very personal. It was real! He was my helper and my Savior in whom I could trust.

Whenever I think of the loving kindness of the Lord, my heart will rebuke me. Though I attend meeting regularly and am often touched by the sermons, I could not say I have loved the Lord with all my heart, all my soul, and all my mind. Often, I do not take reading the Scripture and meditating on God's words seriously enough. In the most part I am still unwilling to give myself up to the Lord and allow Him to occupy my heart completely. Indeed I have caused Him to suffer pain. How much I wish now to seek for spiritual growth as I travel down the long path of spiritual maturity.

"The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love."(Ps 103:8) When I think of God's saving grace, I cannot help but feel deeply blessed. Because God has chosen me, He has bestowed on me His kindness and the richness of His salvation. I can only thank and praise God for our only Savior—Lord Jesus!