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Chinese School (Mandarin/Cantonese)

Online Registration 網上報名

*This online registration applies to the classes at the Orlando Chinese Church - Rouse site ONLY. For registration at the Bumby site, please contact the responsible person and register on site. 此網上報名祇適用於中華教會Rouse Site 的中文班。如欲申請加入 Bumby Site 的中文班,請直接到該處向負責人報名。


The following classes are currently offered at Orlando Chinese Church – Rouse site:
目前中華教會Rouse site  中文班提供下面班級:

1. Simplified Mandarin Beginner Pinyin Class 简体普通话初级拼音班
2. Simplified Mandarin Intermediate Class 简体普通话中级班
3. Traditional Mandarin Beginner Zhuyin Class 繁體普通話初級注音班
4. Traditional Mandarin Intermediate Class 繁體普通話中級班
5. Cantonese Beginner Class 廣東話初級班(Currently not accepting new students目前暫停招生)


To register for Chinese classes at Orlando Chinese Church – Rouse site, please click here:
報名參加中華教會Rouse site  中文班,請按這裡:

Register online 網上報名